Is that fairy magic ?

I had the privilege of spending a total of 6 months in the Netherlands.  3 Months in 2012 and 3  months in 2013. So in this post I would like to share with you one of the most magical places in the Netherlands – Efteling!

Now, Efteling is a theme park and the theme…… Fairy-tales! Ever since I went to the Netherlands in 2012 I was pining and wining to my husband that I so badly wanted to go, so finally in 2013 we went. The Albert Hein grocery stores was running a promotion and we where able to purchase tickets at a very good price.
We had a really busy schedule and we only had one day open to go, but oh my, when we woke up the morning it was misty and cloudy and the entire sky seemed sad. But hey, I’m a South African, rain doesn’t even stop us from having a braai, so off we went. To get to Efteling we had travel from Hoofddorp to Kaatsheuvel and we traveled there like this: walk to the train station, get on a train, switch to another train, take a bus and there we where at the gates. (This might seems like an easy short trip, it was if you are South African, but not if you are Dutch)

After arriving at this fairy tale paradise we walked around. Everything was so pretty and each traditional fairy tale you can think of has it’s own little area. We went on some roller-coaster rides – At some point the sun even graced us with it’s presence. The first one on the list was the bob sled, we did a read and blue roller coaster race with a dragon, we went on the flying Dutchman and my favourite of the day was the roller-coaster in the dark. We also saw a 4D movie, ate hotdogs for lunch, and in theme park tradition we had some ice-cream and candyfloss or as the Dutch call it: suikerspin (really pretty word).  The only downside to this park is that it is so big you need more than one trip to see all the sites, so the one major thing I didn’t get to see this time around was the fairy tale tree.

If you visit during summer the opening hours are much longer, so that might leave time for you to see all and go on the rides. So if you love roller-coasters, fairy tales or theme parks Efteling is a BIG must!

You can visit their website for more information and pictues:


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