How 2: Foot-Spa

There is nothing more relaxing after a long day of torturing your feet than soaking them away in nice hot vibrating water. This post is all about how I pamper my feet using my Carmen foot-spa.

I probably don’t use my foot-spa as often as I should, I have a huge problem with my heals being really dry and cracking, ever since I was 11 or 12. With regular use a foot-spa treatment should improve the appearance of your feet and keep them soft.

What you will need: A foot-spa, a foot soak, a scrub, a foot mask, a pumice stone/foot file, a very rich moisturizer/foot cream/heal balm, some towels and socks. I don’t like to paint nail polish onto my toe nails when doing a foot spa as I paint all over the sides, so I tend to keep the painting for before a bath so I can rub off the access nail polish.

Step 1: Fill your foot-spa with warm water.
Step 2: Add the foot soak (don’t add anything that makes bubbles if you have a foot-spa that bubbles, I did that once and had foam coming out of the wazoo) – I like: Nature’s Edition Vanilla Restoring Foot Soak that I bought at Dischem.
Step 3: Turn on your foot-spa and dip your feet it, leave to soak for 10 – 15 minutes.
Step 4: Now use your scrub, rub the scrub on each foot and rinse in the foot-spa’s water. – I like: St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub (My aunt brought this one from the USA)
Step 5: Time for the foot mask, if you can’t find a foot mask a face or hand mask can work just as well. Rub the mask all over your feet and let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes – I like: Oh So Heavenly Pamper Me, Pamper me Pretty Restoring Foot Mask that I bought at Click
Step 6: Rinse your feet once more in the foot-spa water, you can soak them for another 5 minutes if you like.
Step 7: Dry off your feet.
Step 8: Now if you still have dry skin you can rub/file your feet with the pumice stone or foot file.
Step 9: Rub and massage your moisturizer, foot cream or heal balm all over your feet, top and bottom. – I like: Nivea for dry skin and GEHWOL heal balm for cracked heals, this my father-in-law sent to me from the Netherlands.
Step 10: Put on sock to ensure the cream doesn’t rub off and gets to absorb into your skin. Keep your socks on for as long as possible, if you can, even overnight.  I usually take mine off just before I go to sleep, for some weird reason I can’t sleep with stuff on my feet.

The next morning you will wake-up with super soft pampered happy feet!


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