911 Lip Rescue

I have a big problem with dry and chapped lips, whether it be summer or winter my lips are always hurting. I recently read online of how you can take better care of your dry lips.  I tried the suggestion they had and it worked so now I am going to share it with you.

911 Lip Rescue

So this is what you have to do. Exfoliate! Yes, I know, to some of you this might sound painful, it did to me at first but then I tried it.  The trick is not to use a hard scrub or to press hard on your lips like you are trying to pop a balloon.

I used Johnson’s face care gentle exfoliating face wash as it has been very gentle on my face. I put a tiny bead on my forefinger and rub it all over my lips in circular motions for about  3 minutes, then rinsed it off and applied the richest lip balm I had – Labello Lip Butter.  I did this just before bedtime and I woke up with my lips feeling amazing.  But just as any beauty treatment you should do this regularly for it to keep working.

If you don’t have an exfoliater you feel comfortable using on your lips you can use one of the following:

  • Mix a bit of olive oil and sugar and rub over your lips in a circular motion. rinse off and follow with a lip blam.
  • Mix a bit of honey and sugar (less sugar tho) and rub over your lips in a circular motion, this one you can keep on overnight (put some tissue paper between your lips so they don’t stick)
  • Take a toothbrush, put some vaseline on it and lightly brush your lips in circular motions, you can leave the vaseline on your lips for moisture.
Love your lips!

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